What Is PolicyMic? One Millennial's Book Hightlights a New Platform Dedicated to Amplifying Our Voices

Today, the PolicyMic community is sincerely humbled. What started as an idea – to build a high-quality democratic news site for millennials – has grown into a thriving community. With that, one of our most thoughtful pundits, David Gray, has published an e-book, PolicyMic: A Voice for Millennials. Check it out on Amazon (support David and his blog The Political Zealot and buy a copy!).

David's book gives a bottoms-up, detailed explanation of what PolicyMic is and how it works. He includes our history, a detailed overview of the site mechanics, and even a step-by-step guide to becoming a coveted Pundit on the site (all the rookies should take note).

The book hits the nail on the head capturing how our platform works, "PolicyMic is unique in the way they engage their users to participate in political debates and rewards users by contributing insightful and meaningful commentary, while at the same time discouraging inflammatory comments and those which add nothing substantial to the discussion at hand."

David outlines our history, from an idea to a budding community, to an influential platform that hosts discussions with the presidential candidates. The book does an especially good job of honing into our main goal:

"PolicyMic promises to bring a larger voice to Millennials not only in the upcoming Presidential election, but for many more election cycles to come."


David is right; PolicyMic's vision is to empower millennials well beyond 2012. Furthermore, elections are important, but they are only the beginning. No matter who wins in November, millennials are facing unprecedented challenges and crises. I'm confident that as the smartest generation ever, if millennials continue to be pro-active about discussing problems and finding solutions, we will thrive. Our goal is to make getting informed and engaging in smart debate both really easy and really fun. We know millennials want to debate news, politics, and culture – they just want to do it an thoughtful, safe, and meaningful platform.

David's book, unofficially "The Guide to PolicyMic," serves as further motivation for our team to better serve our community each and everyday. David words reinforce that if we work hard and create the platform for you to have meaningful discussion, PolicyMic will have an impact.

Thank you – Chris

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