Donald Trump Jon Stewart: "Fuckface Von Clownstick" Joke Enrages 'Celebrity Apprentice' Firebrand

On May 1, Jon Stewart poked fun at noted “birther” Donald Trump, during a coverage of a Canadian-born politician people have encouraged to pursue  saying his birth name was “F*ckface Von Clownstick.” He said, “That’s all over Twitter, I hope.”  Never fear, Jon.  It was, very soon, all over Twitter.

With his apparently typical lack of humor and internet poise — see his previous lawsuit over a Bill Maher joke on the Jay Leno Show — Donald Trump fired back — on Twitter — which is to say, he expressed his outrage by fulfilling Jon Stewart's hopes and dreams.

However, Trump later decided either that the original response did not fully make his point or that he really wanted this joke to keep going. In that vein, he later posed the deeply philosophical question

Tweets have helpfully suggested that the hilarity lies in the "von," asking if he was expressing anti-Semitism by referencing Jon Stewart's birthname, and calling Trump a sore loser. Even the "birther" phase made a guest appearance in one response tweet that read, "Its SUPER funny. Almost as funny as your face when Obama produced his Birth Certificate.Long form." Luckily for Trump, some of his followers came to his defense, claiming that the name was bullying.

Trump continued by stating that Stewart is a "phony" for "run[ing] from his past."

Jon Stewart responded on his own Twitter, both responding and building on the theme.


Twitter users, however, it seems, were not going to let Donald Trump and Jon Stewart have all the fun of this name to themselves. The hashtag (uncensored) #FuckFaceVonClownstick took off. The most common statement, though, is a request to see Donald Trump's birth certificate — which was previously released in the orangutan lawsuit — to confirm that his birth name is, in fact, Donald Trump or that he is, in fact, a human. Other tweets include adulation and expressions of love for Jon Stewart and his joke. Creative reapplications of the name are already in the works.

Before you get any ideas, Mary Hartman is already working on one business plan for this name.

So it seems, despite Donald Trump's affirmed desires, the name F*ckface Von Clownstick and the associated hashtag are going to be with us for a while to come.  At least until we see Trump's birth certificate. Long form.

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