Romney Campaign Is Cash Strapped, Sacha Baron Cohen Stunt Video, And Everything You Need To This Morning

By Chris Altchek (caltchek@policymic.com), 27-Feb-2012

Today’s Word – Romney now leads in both Michigan & Arizona, yet a source inside the Romney camp said that the campaign spent much more than expected in Florida and now in Michigan. Romney needs a big win to get the money flowing back-in, but many donors are now asking questions about his long terms viability as a candidate.

Update – Fadi Quran has not been released after appearing before a judge early this morning. He is now being moved to Ofer detention facility, and will have a second hearing tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who shared his story this weekend.

Make This Viral – To Build America 2.0, Start With Reforming U.S. Immigration Laws (Sehreen Noor Ali) – Immigrants have founded about half of all top performing, venture-funded businesses in the U.S. The government needs to enact reform at all levels of the entrepreneur eco-system. This is important – please share it.

John Mackey, CEO & founder of Whole Foods.

Top Stories – Despite the CEO’s Libertarian Leanings, Liberals Should Support Whole Foods (Christine Harbin) – John Mackey, the founder and CEO, may be libertarian, but he takes a $1 salary and pays better wages and benefits than the competition. He should be celebrated.

If Romney Can't Beast Gingrich and Santorum, How Will He Fare Against Ahmadinejad?
 (Akil Alleyne) – It’s hard to be Mitt Romney these days. His weak political skills have left him open to surges from lesser politicians. How will he fare against our enemies?

How Oreos Became Popular in China
 (Warren Rizzi) – Selling in China has been a disaster for many American companies. But Kraft cracked the code and figured out how to sell the Oreo.

Sacha Baron Cohen Kim Jong-Il Stunt At The Oscar (Chris Miles) – Cohen, while promoting The Dictator, dumped the “ashes” of deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il on entertainment commentator Ryan Seacrest. The Dictator is the heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

Cyberwar in Foreign Policy.

What We’re Reading – Thinking again about cyberwar (Foreign Policy); 10 investment tips for 2012 (GMO via The Browser); Are Islamists really religious?(HuffPo).

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