3 Highlights From the Week, Your Feedback, and Today's Mic Check

Every Friday, we highlight three highlights from the week:

1)   Pundit Fadi Quran was freed from prison in Israel following the mobilization of the press and much in part to the PolicyMic community’s efforts.

Sehreen Noor Ali on Daily Beast.

2)   After the PolicyMic community mobilized to share Sehreen Noor Ali’s article on immigration laws, Andrew Sullivan from the Daily Beast dedicated an entire blog post to Sehreen’s analysis.

3)   Susan Kraykowski did a wonderful job welcoming new users to PolicyMic with several great posts.  Here’s an excerpt, “Clicking on a member's name will take you to that member's profile page. I suggest you read their info before you write a comment. It avoids unpleasantness - such as insulting an investment banker by telling him that he knows didley squat about derivatives in the midst of a debate about the debt ceiling (it has happened).”

Introducing Experts – This week, we announced new PolicyMic Experts, which includes 13 of the top PolicyMic pundits. Each has selected a beat to cover in depth for the next month. The first class of Experts include Joseph Sarkisian, Andrew Hanson, Christine Harbin, Chris Ryan, John Giokaris, Cameron English, JD Merkel, Danielle Schlanger, Laura Hughes, Jeremy Los, Dillon Cory, Natasha Malpani, and Hanalei Somar. If you’d like to nominate someone for next months, please e-mail us.

Who Mic'd This

New Feature – To make PolicyMic more transparent and fun, we’ve rolled out the Mic’d dropdown which shows who has Mic’d each article & comment. What do you think?

Feedback – With Super Tuesday just around the corner, we’d like to know what you’d like to see from us on primary day. What have you thought of our primary coverage so far? What else would you like to see?

Top Stories – Why Politicians and CEOs Make Bad Decisions (Cameron English) – A new study suggests that people with too much power actually have a harder time making good decisions.

Blunt Amendment Blocked By Senate (Lindsay Novis) – In a tight 51-48 vote, the Senate blocked the Republican-backed Blunt Amendment Thursday afternoon. Congress should stop using women’s health to score political points.

Is a Graduate Degree in Policy Studies Worth It? (Zaid Zaid vs. Sehreen Noor Ali) – The pros & cons of getting a degree in Public Policy. Weigh in.

Elections Update – Santorum leads Romney in Ohio by 4% (35% to 31%).

What We’re Reading – Obama interviewed about Iran and Israel (Atlantic); Treating schizophrenia: Game on (Nature); Investors should ignore the rustles in the undergrowth (John Kay/FT); Private equity struggles with its image (Reuters).

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