St. Patrick's Day Parade Explained, George Clooney Video, and What Happened This Week

What Happened This Week

  1. An American solider went on a killing rampage in two small villages in Afghanistan, taking 16 lives (9 children). Following a string of bad news including Koran burning and the defecation of Taliban bodies by American soldiers, the rampage may be the final straw that fully reverses Obama’s surge and accelerates NATO’s departure.
  2. The Justice Department overruled a Texas law required photo IDs for voters at the polls because minorities are less likely to have valid photo IDs. The debate at PolicyMic has been heated.
  3. Four weeks into his campaign for reelection, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has received his first bump with one poll showing him ahead in the first round against François Hollande. If neither candidate gets a majority in the first round (April 22), the top two candidates will compete in a run-off (May 6). Hollande is still heavily favored to win the French Presidency.
  4. On March 11, Japan commemorated the anniversary of the tsunami that cost nearly 19,000 lives.
  5. The International Criminal Court (ICC) delivered its first verdict ever. The court ruled against Congolese warlord Thomas Dyilo for using child soldiers in Congo ten years ago.

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Top Stories
 – We Have No Need for Pessimism (Jason Orr) – Recent characterizations of millennials as a broken generation are misplaced, as they have a bright future to look forward to. Chin up, millennials. Your finest day is yet to come.

George Clooney Arrested For Saving Sudan
 (Chris Miles) – Clooney is a model celebrity-activist the rest of Hollywood should emulate. Great response comment by Caritas Doha.

The History of St. Patrick Day
 (Tony O’Doherty) – The Irish have spread their nation's influence to almost every country in the globe where they are welcomed by most and tolerated by the rest with this celebration that started in 17th century.

Photo via Sun International South Africa.

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