Facebook Buys Instragram: Is Facebook The New Big Bad Wolf?

Following Facebook’s $1bn acquisition of Instagram, the “Insta-Backlash” reached fever pitch with users pledging to delete their accounts in protest, and third party photo applications such as Instaport, Copygram, and Instagrid offering to transfer, host, and preserve the Instagram libraries of users. Is Facebook Now the Big Bad Wolf? (Alex Marin)

Not A Shocker – Voters prefer Obama’s personality to Romney’s by a whopping 2-to-1 margin, according to a new WaPo/ABC poll. While Romney leads by 8% among white male voters, he trails by a dramatic 19% among women (even bigger with women with college degrees).

The Women’s Vote Matters – Women make up more than 50% of the population and have had higher voter turnout in every presidential election since 1980. In 2008, 10 million more women voted than men (56% to 43% for Obama over McCain).

What Should Romney Do? He has two options – select a qualified female running mate (Sarah Palin initially attracted women but lost their support during her collapse) or make you wife a major face of the campaign and push her to be more liberal on women’s issues.

Update from Tulsa, Oklahoma – Following Friday’s night racially motivated shooting rampage in North Tulsa, a source in Tulsa described the long-standing history of racial segregation in the city. “North Tulsa is a severe case of racial funneling and isolation … I could never expect to feel safe in north Tulsa after dark, but similarly a North Tulsan Black male after dark in a south Tulsa neighborhood would warrant an immediate call from the police … There is an understanding by the North and South communities of this de facto segregation, but there is no one mass effort to change the status quo. It's really just a continued set of self-perpetuating circumstances that keeps this horrible scenario going.”

Top Stories – Why More Immigrants Equals More American Jobs (Jeremy Robbins)– There is at least one way to revamp our workforce and fuel our economic recovery that does not break the bank: We can be smarter about our immigration laws.

The 'Merchant of Death' (Kieran Verboven) – The recent conviction and sentencing of infamous weapons dealer Viktor Bout represents a new era in international business ethics and power politics.

What We’re Reading – Why are so many Americans single? (New Yorker); Ashley Judd Slaps Media in the Face for Speculation Over Her ‘Puffy’ Appearance (Daily Beast); The supreme expression of global Islam (NYRB).

Fun Links – Mr. Gay World crowned in Africa (NPR); Guilt Groupe: The Amazon of luxury (Daily Beast).

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