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PolicyMic Has Relaunched! Now Use It to Change the World

Two years ago, we had a simple idea: Millennials need a news platform that gives us a voice and empowers us to change the world. We believed digital media could do more to leverage technology and community in innovative ways to publish fresh perspectives on current events and cultural topics from informed young people.

Two years later, we are very excited to announce the redesign of PolicyMic.

In September, we had our biggest month ever, reaching over 8 million monthly unique visitors. We’ve now published 2,500 writers in 73 countries, with an average age of 26. Our stories have been cited in the New York Times, on cable TV, made the front-pages of Google News, Reddit, and shared over one million times on Facebook.

The goal of PolicyMic's redesign is to make our writers’ incredible stories even more impactful. With large images, a beautiful and responsive layout, and a clean and memorable font, PolicyMic 2.0 visually matches the quality of our content.

We designed our new site with an eye for the future. As we start producing original interactives, charts, and videos, our platform will allow us to feature multimedia as seamlessly as written content. We plan on taking full advantage of all of the incredible opportunities of being a modern media platform – deep social integration, incredible data visualization tools, real-time feeds and updates, and high-quality video that brings you the most important stories in the most compelling formats.

Our audience will now be able to focus on great content with minimal distractions. Moving forward, PolicyMic will be display-ad free. After experimenting with various advertising formats, we’ve decided that only high-quality branded content will preserve and improve upon the PolicyMic experience that our community is accustomed to. It will also allow us to invest deeply in the future – to create better stories, integrate more media, and move to more platforms where our audience lives.

We are incredibly excited about PolicyMic’s future.

We are incredibly excited about PolicyMic’s future. With our community of the brightest minds in our generation, our team of new-media rockstars, and our brand known for original, high quality perspectives, we are well positioned to empower our generation to have a huge impact.

We want millions of millennials to use our platform to find the next generation of creative thinkers and work together to solve our most pressing challenges. Our promise is to give the PolicyMic community the platform, editorial resources, and reach to make a true difference.


Chris & Jake

P.S. Read about our technical changes here.

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