Cyber War And World War 3.0, Mitt Romney Guns For Youth Vote, And Everything You Need to Read This Morning

Cyber War: World War 3.0 will be digital – When the Internet was created, decades ago, one thing was inevitable: the war today over how (or whether) to control it, and who should have that power. Battle lines have been drawn between repressive regimes and Western democracies, corporations and customers, hackers and law enforcement. Vanity Fair story here.

Mitt takes a stand – Gunning for the youth vote, Romney put out a press release today reminding everyone how bad the employment situation is for youth (read it here). Yesterday, Romney backed an Obama proposal to freeze the rates of student loans, slated to rise from 3.4% to 6.8% on July 1.

His first real policy proposal – Mitt’s campaign thus far has shockingly lacked a vision or any substantive policy proposals. With Romney set to win the NY, PA, DE, CT, and RI primaries today, hopefully Romney will outline his vision in the coming weeks. As outlined here, voters currently can't connect with Romney on a personal level. He will need a compelling vision to be competitive in November.

Stat of the day – For the first time since the Great Depression, more Mexicans are leaving the US for Mexico than the other way around (Pew here).

Top Stories – Do We Really Need Another CIA? (Andrew Pasternak) – With the announced creation of the Defense Clandestine Service, a new debate will begin on whether the Defense Intelligence Agency is becoming too much like the CIA.

1 Truth and 4 Lies About Republicans You Probably Didn't Know
 (Amy Sterling Casil) – A recent Pew survey of political knowledge showed that Republicans knew more about politics and history than Democrats. Lincoln was the first Republican president, but that's just the start.

James Bond 'Skyfall' Will See 007 Drink Heineken Instead of Martinis
 (Joshua Unruh) – Purists decry Bond's move to beer from his classic martini due to product placement, but that's why we had the martini in the first place. And it probably isn't the real problem anyway.

And the winner is… Ed Hancox guessed the trivia about our new editor, Elena Sheppard. Unlike Obama, she did not eat dog meat in Thailand. You can tweet to her (@eleshepp) about the two other stories.

Gingrich may be dropping out. In an interview with NBC yesterday, he said "I think we need to take a deep look at what we are doing."

PolicyMic pundits getting famous! Michael Tubbs mentioned in New Yorker; Valerie Syzabala mentioned in HuffPo.

What we’re reading – Why soldiers take war porn (Slate); Why they hate women(Foreign Policy); The SEC: Outmanned, outgunned, and on a roll (Bloomberg); The Romneys’ Mexican history (Smithsonian).

Fun links – The complete history of celebrity jeopardy (Splitsider).

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