The Best Mother's Day Gift is Your Time, What Obama Reads, And Everything You Need To Read This Morning

Is Arizona’s of immigrants law constitutional? As the Supreme Court debate heats up, eight (that’s right EIGHT) of the country’s leading legal minds are firing it up in a heated debate on PolicyMic. Dean of UC Davis Law School Kevin Johnson argues the bill is unconstitutional because “a state cannot, as Arizona sought to do, pursue its own state immigration enforcement policy.” Law professor Gabriel “Jack” Chin says there’s another reason the Court should strike down the law: America's future is Hispanic. On the flip side, Cato’s Alex Nowrasteh argues while the law is terrible public policy, the Court will likely say it’s constitutional. Center for Immigration Studies attorney Jon Feere says SB 1070 does not undermine federal authority and it’s therefore constitutional. Don’t miss the full debate here.

Correction: This headline originally identified the law as "Arizona’s racial profiling of immigrants law." As one of our readers astutely identified, "This is a completely ignorant way of referring to the law... The Obama administration specifically chose against suing over the racial issues because they know that it's a losing argument -- S.B. 1070 specifically prohibits law enforcement from using race in carrying out the law. At the Court yesterday, the very first thing Solicitor General Verrilli addressed was whether his argument involved racial profiling, and he explained that it did not." A correction will also be in tomorrow's newsletter.

Rolling Stone cover: Interview with President Obama – Obama catches up with editor Jann Wenneron on the state of the campaign, his favorite media, and his politics. Obama reads the NYT, WSJ, and WashPo as well as some major blogs like Andrew Sullivan (where PolicyMic pieces have been featured). He doesn’t watch cable news but catches up on the Daily Show when he has time. Check out the full piece here.

Romney spent $18.50 per vote so far – A CNN Money analysis found that Romney spent $76.6 million on his campaign through the end of March.  That's equal to $18.50 per vote or $126,000 per delegate won.

Karl Rove explains the VP selection process – And admits, “I was wrong about Dick Cheney” in the WSJ.

Top Stories – 8 Regrets From Real People Reflecting on Their Twenties (Elena Sheppard) – Millennials are terrified of regret, but maybe by listening to the regrets of those older, and wiser, we can reflect on how best to make decisions about our own lives.

3 Ways to Get a Job With a Humanities Degree
(Jessica Pham) – Three ways universities can strengthen programming for the humanities so that students in those majors may have better job prospects lined up for after graduation.

Mitt Romney the Flip-Flopper: Should We Rip Politicians For Changing Sides?
(John Doble) – People should condemn flip-flops selectively, when they appear to be instrumental and to violate core principles, as these symbolize opportunism rather than sagacity.

Reminder – May 13 is mother’s day. Susan Fox explains the best gift is your time. Book your tickets home early. (Correction #2: Originally appeared as April 13, thank you for all the email corrections!)

YouTube attack video of the day – Karl Rove’s American Crossroads responds to Obama’s coolness with this video.

What we’re reading – Top republicans push Romney to go positive (NYT); Mitt Romney's dark knight (GQ); What good did I do in Haiti? (Shotgun Shack).

Dessert – Never before seen photos of NYC from 100 years ago (Daily Mail).

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