Ron Paul Wins in Paul Krugman Debate, Will Jay-Z & the Nets Reign in NYC?, and Everything You Need to Read Today

Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman – The two economic heavy hitters debated on Bloomberg TV. Krugam was was particularly incoherent, rambling on and on. Ron Paul did surpsingly well against the NYT columnist and leading expert. If you're still deciding between free market and big government, you won't get answers from this video. 

Let the games begin – The Obama campaign has released a new ad this morning set to be broadcast over television. The ad attacks Romney for shipping jobs overseas and ends with, “It’s just what you’d expect from guy with a Swiss bank account.”

5 days left – With voting set for May 6, Sarkozy still lags 10 points behind Francois Hollande in the polls. In a rally yesterday in Toulouse (the city struck by a terrorist rampage earlier this year), Sarkozy pandered to the far right, saying the word “borders” 10 times in his speech. (Full story via Reuters)

May Day – Today, countries around the world celebrate the advent of spring and International Workers’ Day. Millions will orchestrate demonstrations and coordinate parades. Yet in the United States, asides from a few scattered OWS protests, today will be business as usual. Felicia Reid explains how the Eisenhower administration, fearing the spread of communism, stomped out all celebrations of May Day here in the U.S.

Top Stories – 29 Amazing Things You Must Do Before You Turn 30 (Justin White) – A few on the list: Own a motorcycle. Fall in love > 0 times. Create a YouTube alter ego and post outrageous comments.

The 5 Most Dangerous Men in the World
 (Joseph Sarkisian) – After Osama Bin Laden, these 5 men are the most dangerous in the world.

Alcohol Advertising Does Not Cause Underage Drinking
 (Cameron English) – Anybody who says alcohol ads cause underage drinking isn't paying attention to the evidence.

Will Brooklyn Nets Make Jay-Z the King of New York, Or a Jester in the NY Knicks' Court?
(Neddy Lord) – Jay-Z's small task at hand: Win over a city of 8 million fans who are loyal to Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks, in a borough where most Manhattanites refuse to go.

What we’re reading – The true lessons of the recession (Foreign Affairs); The real CSI: what happens at a crime scene? (Guardian); Obama's Ron Burgundy campaign (WSJ).

Dessert – Jon Stewart analyzes Mike & Ike break-up (and the family research council). 

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