Man in Trump shirt arrested for punching attendee at Hillary Clinton North Carolina rally

A man wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt was arrested for allegedly punching another attendee at a Hillary Clinton rally in North Carolina Sunday, the New York Daily News reported.

According to CNN producer Dan Merica, the man in the pro-Trump shirt put the victim in a headlock and punched him "at least once" at the campaign event in Charlotte. The man was charged with misdemeanor civil assault.

Earlier during the rally, Clinton called out disrupters in the crowd. "Some people are sore losers, we just have to keep going," Clinton said according to Merica. 

The assault is just the latest in a series of volatile incidents in the state that have marred the 2016 campaign season.

On Oct. 15, the GOP headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed, "Nazi Republicans get out of town or else" spray-painted on an adjacent building. Also in North Carolina, a man wearing a "gays for Trump" shirt attacked a protester at a Trump rally.

With two weeks until Election Day, and Trump leaving the country "in suspense" on whether or not he'll accept the election results should he lose, tensions will more than likely continue to be high at both Clinton and Trump events.