Watch This Adorable 3-Year-Old Deaf Boy Hear His Father's Voice For the First Time


Grayson Clamp was born without cochlear nerves in his ears which means he's never been able to hear. He's never heard the sound of the wind or even his parent's voice. This all changed when he was given a trial "auditory brain stem implant," which is essentially a small chip inside the brain that uses electrical impulses to stimulate the brain.  It's been used on adults before, but this was the first time it was tested on a child.

The moment Grayson first heard his father's voice was captured on video and I guarantee it's the most beautiful thing you'll see today.

You can see the little boy look up and smiles when his father says "Daddy loves you." He is visibly overwhelmed by his sudden ability to hear his loved ones speak to him.

"We don't know exactly what it's like for him," the mother explained to WBTV. "We don't know exactly what he hears. His brain is still trying organize itself to use sound."

The father can't believe he can now finally communicate with his son verbally. "It's been phenomenal for us," he says. 

Pass the Kleenex box please!

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