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May 26, 2017

With 'Street Fighter 2,' it's time to stop giving evil characters brown skin

Why does Ken turn brown to become Violent Ken in 'Street Fighter 2'?

We rated and reviewed every 'Overwatch' Anniversary skin

There was one clear winner of the new 'Overwatch' Anniversary skins.

How Ubisoft tackled the challenges of depicting rural America in 'Far Cry 5'

'Far Cry 5' is taking on a subject you don't usually see in video games.

Nintendo gave a black video game character "weaponized" hair

Black female hair is political, even a weapon in digital realms.

The worst characters in 'Injustice 2' skew female — and that's a problem

We need to talk about the gender imbalance in 'Injustice 2' tier list rankings.
May 25, 2017

Pokémon's 'Magikarp Jump' mobile game, reviewed by a 4-year-old: "8/5; I want a unicorn"

"I like feeding the fishy. And making the fishy jump. I like winning." — Vivi, age 4

Neo-Nazis are making their own video games — and they're just as horrifying as you'd think

There's a whole subsection of racist games made by and for white supremacists.

'Overwatch' Contenders has pros competing against casual players. It's a terrible idea.

'Overwatch' Contenders: Imagine your high school basketball team taking on the Golden State Warriors.

Nintendo confirms ‘Splatoon 2’ multiplayer voice-chat will be restricted to people you know

If you play 'Splatoon 2' online, you won't be able to chat with players you don't know.

‘League of Legends’ may get a full-length movie adaptation

Rumors have circulated for a while about a 'League of Legends' movie. But will anything ever come of them?
May 27, 2017

'Yurei Station' is a disarming indie game inspired by Japanese ghost stories

Jump into the bizarre, yet gorgeous, world of 'Yurei Station' for something decidedly creepy.

Square makes it rain on 'Final Fantasy 14' players with this Gold Saucer event

The Make It Rain Gold Saucer event returns to 'Final Fantasy 14' and is a great way to pass the time waiting for 'Stormblood.'

'Hitman' fans may not have to mourn the loss of the franchise just yet

IO Interactive's sale doesn't have to be the end for 'Hitman," according to Square Enix CEO.

Lock in your 'Far Cry 5' deluxe and collector's edition preorders before you head to Hope County

Now that we know the release date of 'Far Cry 5,' Ubisoft has put up listings for preorders.

If you can't find a session in 'Friday the 13th: The Game,' you're not alone

Are you stuck searching for sessions on 'Friday the 13th: The Game? What to do when the servers are down.
May 27, 2017

Tequila Works says they'll remove the Denuvo copy protection from 'Rime' if it's cracked

Tequila Works could be removing Denuvo protection from 'Rime' if hackers can crack the game.

'Monster Hunter XX' is coming to the Nintendo Switch — see its first trailer here

Right on the heels of Capcom's 'Monster Hunter XX' announcement for the Switch, we've got our first footage of what it looks like.

'Dragon Quest X' and its two expansions are headed to Switch — for Japanese players

'Dragon Quest X' is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and you can see the first footage here!

Blizzard may be bringing a new 'Warcraft' title to smartphones

Is Blizzard working on a 'Warcraft'-related mobile title?

'Injustice 2' gets a small patch to fix a major issue

Find out what changed in the patch notes for 'Injustice 2' update 1.03.