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Trump’s attacks on his own party threaten to derail his entire agenda and put GOP at risk

Without legislative wins, Trump's approval could continue to slide, hurting congressional Republicans' prospects in the 2018 midterms.

In an Arizona border town, locals question Donald Trump’s rhetoric up the road

"I go to the dentist in Mexico, I go to eat in Mexico, I shop in Mexico. Because of where we're at, you can't separate the two."

At Phoenix rally, Trump hints at his intentions to pardon Joe Arpaio, goes after media

“I’ll make a prediction. I think he’s gonna be just fine, OK?” Trump told the crowd.

3 things to watch for during Donald Trump’s Phoenix campaign rally on Tuesday

“Trump has doused racial tensions with gasoline,” Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton wrote. “With his planned visit to Phoenix on Tuesday, I fear the president may be looking to light a match."

Peggy Noonan is the latest conservative pundit to head to MSNBC

Noonan, a former Reagan speechwriter, will remain a columnist at the Wall Street Journal.
Aug. 22, 2017

Two activists explain the personal nature of fighting to remove Confederate monuments

"Those statues went up as a symbol of white supremacy."

Trump won’t withdraw troops from Afghanistan, but offers no details on time frame, additional troops

Trump won't withdraw troops from Afghanistan, despite years of advocating for an exit from the 16-year conflict.

One lawyer is running for Congress and suing the president for inciting violence at the same time

This congressional candidate says Charlottesville is just the latest in Trump-inspired violence, and he's fighting it on two fronts.

Trump administration stops study on health risks of coal mines

The two-year study was looking into the impacts surface coal mining has on people living near mines.

A Trump-backed plan to increase troops in Afghanistan would betray his campaign promises

As Trump plans to announce an increase in troop levels in Afghanistan, here's a look at all the times he said he wanted to withdraw from that conflict.
Aug. 21, 2017

Donald Trump is back in Washington. Here’s what we think he’ll say about Afghanistan.

More American soldiers are expected to return to the land of America's longest war.

The far right is being rapidly pushed back to the fringes

“It’s not just about today,” Karimi said. “It’s about the next fight — fighting the actual right.”

After leaving White House, Steve Bannon returns to ‘Breitbart News’ as executive chairman

Bannon's homecoming caps off a tumultuous week for the beleaguered White House chief strategist.

Trump’s arts committee just resigned — and hid a secret message in their letter to him

Take a look at the first letter of each paragraph.

Why Trump’s most tumultuous week yet was a big win in the eyes of his core supporters

The president's supporters largely do not believe in white privilege, dismiss national discussions about race and oppose minority activist groups.
Aug. 18, 2017

US Commission on Civil Rights vehemently condemns Trump’s looming trans military ban

The commission urged the president to "recommit to the full protection of civil rights for all persons in our country."

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the week that don’t make moral equivalencies

Consumer groups are suing the Department of Transportation and a GOP congressman is meeting with Julian Assange.

Here’s how the far right is reacting to news of Bannon’s departure

The controversial White House adviser is out. Here's how the so-called "alt-right" is reacting.

Regretful Trump supporters won’t save you

Trump voter Julius Krein's mea culpa in the 'New York Times' should not make you feel better about "the resistance."

Reports: Steve Bannon to be removed from White House adviser position

The report claims that Bannon may have submitted his letter of resignation over a week ago.