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10 hours ago

Alexander Acosta confirmed as labor secretary

The Senate confirmed Acosta by a 60-38 vote.

In one tweet, Sen. Chris Murphy brutally sums up the new GOP health care plan

Chris Murphy did not hold back in his critique of the amended Republican health care plan.

Trumpcare changes spur backlash from advocacy groups: It "would dramatically worsen" AHCA

A revised version of the Obamacare repeal bill is here — and it's getting panned.

Ex-Trump security adviser Michael Flynn was warned not to take foreign money: Documents

Flynn is gone from the Trump White House, but his scandal lingers.
18 hours ago

12 Trump tweets that have aged the worst in his first 100 days

Donald Trump's twitter history is a treasure trove of hypocrisy.

Only 1 in 5 Republican members of Congress held town halls during their April recess

Democrats held town halls at twice the rate of Republicans.

Will the middle class pay more under Trump’s tax plan? The White House refuses to say.

Trump billed his tax plan as the biggest tax cut in history, but there's no word that it will help the middle class.

Twitter is helpfully reminding Trump that Puerto Rico is part of the US

Trump on helping the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico: "NO! Sad!"
April 27, 2017

Donald Trump drafts plan to pull out of NAFTA, then immediately says he won't — yet

Trump had a "pleasant and productive" talk with Mexican and Canadian leaders just hours after floating a unilateral withdrawal.

DHS opens VOICE, Donald Trump's office for crimes committed by immigrants

There's no evidence, though, that immigrants are any more likely to commit crimes than native-born U.S. citizens.

Roy Moore, Alabama judge who defied SCOTUS on gay marriage, to run for Senate

"Before we can make America great again, we've got to make America good," Moore told a crowd.

President Trump's tax plan will really help taxpayer Trump

Trump's new tax plan may save him tens of millions of dollars.

Trump plan would slash taxes for corporations and billionaires like him

President Donald Trump and his children would benefit mightily from his tax proposal.
April 26, 2017

The Education Department is denying these underprivileged kids opportunities because of... a formatting error?

Betsy DeVos' Department of Education is taking red tape to another level.

Ivanka Trump is setting up an organization that looks a lot like the Clinton Foundation

Donald Trump condemned the Clinton Foundation as a "criminal enterprise." Now, Ivanka Trump wants to launch a similar org.

56% of Americans think Russia tried to influence the 2016 election, new poll shows

And 64% of Trump voters said they believed the Obama administration intentionally spied on the Trump campaign.

The biggest check on Donald Trump in his first 100 days? Federal judges.

The judiciary has been a firm check on the president since the November election.

Republicans want to nix popular Obamacare provision — but not for themselves or their staff

Republicans want to allow insurance companies to waive Obamacare protections for average Americans, but not themselves.