The only good TikTok star received over $10,000 in donations

Screenshots via TikTok / @420doggface208

Consider it a palate cleanser for your timeline: in the soft light of morning, a lone skater coasts down a stretch of highway, occasionally swigging from a bottle of Ocean Spray. It’s very much a vibe, made even more cinematic by the fact the TikTok is scored to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Obviously, this example of truly blessed content has gone massively viral online. And happily, all the attention directed towards TikTok user @420doggface208, a.k.a. Nathan Apodaca, has translated into significant financial support.

TMZ tracked Apodaca down in Idaho Falls, where he filmed his now-ubiquitous skating vid en route to his job at a potato factory. He said the viral vid has prompted generous folks to send him over $10,000 in donations in the five days since he posted the TikTok. He gave $5,000 to his mom and spent a little more on clothes for his daughters. But Apodaca said he’s using the rest of the funds to improve his living conditions. He told TMZ he’s been living in an RV with no running water, parked outside his brother’s house, where he uses the utilities.

Apodaca noted he’s also looking to upgrade his car — the reason he went massively viral to begin with. You see, it’s got over 300,000 miles on it and wouldn’t start that morning, so Apodaca grabbed his longboard out of the trunk and skated to the factory, trusty bottle of juice in hand. He explained there’s a picturesque exit ramp off the highway, and he thought it’d be a nice place to film a video, in homage to some other skater he’d seen on TikTok swigging cranberry juice.

Adorably, the skating Mexican-American father of two was introduced to TikTok by his daughters, Makyla and Angelia, who helped him make his earliest videos. He’s incredibly prolific and his videos have been going semi-viral for about a year. He’s been dubbed “Tío TikTok” and embodies an embarrassing stoner uncle persona, busting out dancing in public and cracking dad jokes. It’s quite lovable content.

Fleetwood Mac tweeted they love Apodaca’s skate vid, for the record. Already a savvy influencer, he fired back he’d love to collaborate with them. Or film a commercial for Ocean Spray. Hustle on, my man. We have a feeling good things are coming your way.