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How much should you really spend on a wedding gift?

This is what is normal — and polite — to pay for a wedding present.

7 secrets of entrepreneurs who turned side gigs into baller full-time jobs

Want to take your side hustle full time? Here's what to do before taking the plunge and starting your own company.

Why the new Senate health care bill could make your insurance more expensive

As many as 22 million people could lose their insurance coverage if the Senate's Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 makes it into law, and out-of-pocket costs could also rise.

These 10 chill gigs offer high pay and low stress

Workers in certain low-stress professions actually earn higher-than-average wages.

Can computer games improve diversity in hiring?

Will playing games get you your dream job? Unilever thinks so, with a new class of hires recruited using a series of online games.
June 23, 2017

Google just narrowed down your job search

Here's the secret to hitting "pause" on your debt

Get rid of debt more easily by getting a 0% balance transfer credit card, trying out new financial management apps, and turning to traditional debt consolidation tactics.

Top telltale signs your student loan "relief" company is a scam

Student debt relief or loan servicing companies may sometimes have shady business records. Here's how to tell if a firm is real — or a scam or fraud.

5 classes you've never heard of — but that can boost your pay in the future

To earn high pay, these are the best classes to take, as traditional industries face existential crises and new lucrative fields of study emerge.

Why your health care costs could rise under the Senate GOP bill

How the Senate healthcare bill affects you: It could increase out-of-pocket costs, deductibles and premiums for consumers, and cut people from Medicaid, while lowering plan quality.
June 22, 2017

Tips that pay off: These 5 bits of career advice will get you a job you actually love

It doesn't take much to go from novice to career genius. These 5 easy steps will snag you your dream job.

7 unconscious mistakes that are ruining your job hunt

Sometimes the best career advice is to get out of your own way — and pay better attention to the unconscious mistakes you're making while communicating.

Serena Williams: There's more to domestic violence than physical abuse

Money plays a big role in domestic violence. That's why tennis star Serena Williams is the newest face of a campaign by Allstate Foundation Purple Purse to raise awareness of financial abuse.

5 super easy upgrades that will make buyers pay more for your home

Small improvements can make a big impact on potential buyers.

7 tricks to getting richer during summer vacation season

Feeling financial guilt about your summer vacation? Here are secrets to earning or saving hundreds of dollars seamlessly — while still enjoying your leisure time.
June 20, 2017

Most Americans are still making this simple but critical money mistake

How much do you have stashed for a rainy day? This is the number you need to hit in your emergency fund; 2 in 3 Americans don't have it.

Here's how much money you need to save up before quitting a job

Before you even think about quitting your job, make sure you have a solid financial plan.

How to save as much money as possible on a car loan

Car loans and payments can turn into a nightmare. Here's how to snag a set of wheels you love and can actually afford — whatever your credit score.

Never use these 10 "red flag" phrases on a resume or cover letter

The best resume or cover letter you can write will never include these surprising career-killing words.

How much money should you spend on commuting?

What's the normal cost of a commute in the U.S.? Here's what Americans spend — and how much you should be budgeting.