Summer Fun Check List: 8 Great Outdoor Activities

ByMary Jo Medina

On June 1, the Obama administration proclaimed that this month would be Great Outdoors Month. It's time to take advantage of some fun in the sun and explore the world around us! Here are eight of the best ways to do just that: 

1. Take a hike

My personal favorite. Hiking in the summer is especially beautiful with the abundance of blooming plants. Take some time to explore your local rocks!


2. Hit the beach

Summer is très chaud (super hot!). Cool down and enjoy the waves -- maybe even see some local wildlife in the form of dolphins!


3. Picnic in the park

What better way to appreciate nature and the company of your loved ones? Put together some cheese and crackers and head over to the park for a relaxing time. 


4. Bike through your town. Or any town for that matter

Whether you live in New York City, New Haven, or a small town in Iowa, dust off your bike and take it for a spin. Who knows, you might find some interesting new sites!


5. Go camping

Take full advantage of nature by spending days and nights in the midst of the great outdoors. Fully immerse yourself in the foliage and bird calls.


6. Plan a trip to a national park

Alas, this is one item I have yet to cross of my bucket list. Summer presents a great opportunity for you to visit a national park. Who knows, maybe you'll catch a "summer flu" and need to take some time away from the office for a few days.


7. Help the environment

There's no better way to celebrate the environment than giving back. Find a local charity and plant a tree or clean up a beach! It's a great way to be outdoors while at the same time saving the ecosystem.


8. Try out a new outdoor activity!

Do these suggestions all seem like old news to you? Maybe it's time to look around for new outdoor options! Whether it be kayaking, rock climbing, water skiing, or just talking a simple walk, get out there and enjoy your summer!