On Whoreible Decisions, girls, femmes, and queer people just want to have fun

As co-hosts of the raunchy podcast, Weezy and Mandii B have built a sizeable fanbase by talking sex, race, and mental health.

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BySara Youngblood Gregory

A feminist porn boss on the rise of OnlyFans and what qualifies as “good porn”

Erika Lust has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. She has hope it will continue to get better.


Marilyn Manson is being sued for allegedly grooming and sexually assaulting a teenager

Let Britney Live

Britney Spears is reminding her fans they don’t actually know her

Self Love

Sam Smith recalled being spat at on the street after coming out as nonbinary

Get cooked

This popular TikTok chef left his prosecutor job after old, racist tweets resurfaced

Not Punk

Paramore's Hayley Williams called out NOFX singer Fat Mike for being a total creep (allegedly)

Awards Season

The highs and lows of the 2023 Oscar nominations


The real reason Shakira’s “BZRP Music Session” is hitting so hard

No TERFS Allowed

Brian Cox supports trans rights — but also J.K. Rowling


Pamela Anderson on the devastation that followed her leaked sex tape

This is thriving

Avan Jogia is tired of being left out of the "nerd conversation"

Reclaiming Narratives

The mom of a Jeffrey Dahmer victim isn’t happy about Evan Peters’ Golden Globes win

Room for Jesus

Demi Lovato's album poster was banned in the UK for being blasphemous

Golden Nopes

Protect the Golden Globes piano player at all costs

All Grown Up

How a former child star “tripped and fell” into OnlyFans

Mental Health

Prince Harry is the new face of psychedelic mental health treatment