Watch What Goes Into the Incredibly Awkward Filming of a Hollywood Sex Scene

If you think awkward sex only exists in real life, think again. 

The silver screen — home to some of the most passionate and provocative sexual encounters of all time — is not quite as suave as it seems, and a new behind-the-scenes clip shows just how uncomfortable it is to make the magic happen.

The video is courtesy of director Joe Carnahan, actress Brooklyn Decker and actor Patrick Wilson. The latter two star in Carnahan's film Stretch, which follows Wilson's character, a limo driver, as he struggles to pay off his debt.

The clip has it all: Spray-on sweat, awkward small talk, actors avoiding eye contact and uncomfortable readjustments. The entire scene is sexual, but it's not sexy; seeing what the actors do immediately before they pretend to copulate takes away a good deal — OK, all — of the intrigue. 

"Was that enough fucking?" Wilson asks his director. "Great fucking!" Carnahan says. Eesh. 

It's unlikely many people thought filming a sex scene was a walk in the park, but this clip speaks to just how uncomfortable it must be for everyone involved. It's no wonder some actors get drunk before filming their scenes — alcohol helps the rest of us get it on, after all.  

h/t Vulture