One Brave Fan Is Running an Anti-Nickelback Campaign and He Needs Your Money


It's an age old problem: Everybody hates Nickleback, yet still there is a Nickelback. Last week, one brave fan decided to do something about it. Craig Mandell started a crowdsourced campaign to prevent the most hated band in rock 'n' roll from playing any more shows in the U.K. And it's blowing up.

"Just imagine, thousands — perhaps tens of thousands of music lovers  — all not witnessing an exclusive concert by Nickelback in London. It will be glorious. Legendary. Dare we say, game changing?" the Tilt campaign reads.

For every donation, Mandell will send an email to Nickelback's management: $1 gets you a plain unadorned email that kindly requests the band elect not to play any shows in London for the foreseeable future, $5 gets a "slightly more forceful" email, $10 a "somewhat explicit" email, and $50-plus will get an email filled with Nickelback's music.

"This way, the band will hear their own music, and likely retire immediately, thereby ensuring the success of our campaign," the reward description reads. "You also get the added bonus of not seeing Nickelback."

The campaign has reached a little over one-tenth of its goal with 27 days left to go.

This is just one more drop in the bottomless bucket of Nickelback hatred. Numerous bloggers have written lengthy treatises outlining the reasons why Nickelback sucks. The bands YouTube comment threads are absolutely covered with hate. During the extremely tense Chicago teachers' strike two years ago, angry protesters accused Rahm Emanuel of liking Nickelback. When Chicago papers asked if this was true, he replied, "No," confirming his brilliantly strategic political abilities once and for all.

And it isn't just on the Internet. Nickelback deals with much more intense hate mobs all the time. They've had to cancel numerous shows because audience members threw rocks at them while they were performing.

Somehow though, despite all this hate, the band has enjoyed tremendous success. The majority of their frequently hatestreamed YouTube videos have playcounts in the 10 millions; the same goes for their top songs on Spotify. The company even recently released a data set proving that some college students (who should know better) stream Nickelback all the time.

And as a result, Nickelback couldn't care less that you hate them: They're phenomenally wealthy. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Chad Kroeger, the band's lead singer (the one with the bad goatee), is worth $60 million.

Still, if Nickelback has taught us one thing, it's that we can accomplish great things when we stand together. Now more than ever, we must.