If People Tried Cosmo's Sex Positions, Here's How Ridiculous They'd Look


The news: Cosmopolitan's litany of sex tips has been skewered in the past, and rightly so. The magazine's suggestions have ranged from hilarious to strange to downright contrary to the laws of physics. And to Cosmo's credit, it agrees.

The magazine recently put together videos of a couple testing out some of its sex positions in real life. And to really ramp up the awkwardness, they did so in broad daylight in the middle of Manhattan's Columbus Circle. While the situation as a whole is ridiculous, the acrobatics involved demonstrate just how over the top Cosmo's sex advice is, a fact the magazine fully admits.

"We're not going to lie to you. ... Sometimes even we look at our sex position illos and feel like they could be a tad difficult to replicate IRL," the magazine wrote.

Check out the cringe-fest below:

These sex positions look awkward in public and ineffective in private. Not unless you're a gymnast, contortionist or can dislocate your limbs at will.