George Zimmerman Continues to Lie About the Trayvon Martin Murder


Tuesday will make four months since 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s life was taken by 28-year-old George Zimmerman. 

Since the shooting back in February, Zimmerman’s defense has attempted to do everything to bring credit to Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law. The law is supposed to give citizens the power to protect themselves, but Zimmerman is using it as a scapegoat for his screw-up. Recently, Zimmerman’s defense team released a video of a reenactment that the Sanford Police Department had Zimmerman take them through the day after the shooting. They also released video Zimmerman’s lie detector test that they say he passed. If he truly passed, then the machine was nowhere near correct because my 5-year-old has told more believable lies than the ones Zimmerman has said. As I watched the videos over and over again, one word stood out in my heard … (clears throat and yells) BULLSHIT!

If you honestly pay close attention to the videos, it seems as if Zimmerman is trying to remember a story that he’s concocted. Sometimes it even sounds like he’s elaborating so that the story is more entertaining and believable or something. He mentions that once Trayvon was shot, he [Trayvon] said to him, “You got me, you got it” like he was dying some dramatic movie death or something. Does he really believe that that’s what a “black thug” would do or say? Did he just have a flashback to a movie he watched? He even says that once he shot Trayvon, he [Zimmerman] somehow was able to get on top of him and straddle him while he was face down on the ground. According to Zimmerman, during this time he had pinned Trayvon’s arms down and was yelling at him to stop while Trayvon screamed and cursed. He even went further and said that someone came up with a flashlight and Zimmerman asked for help subduing Trayvon because he was still struggling. Keep in mind, Zimmerman said all of this took place after Trayvon was shot. If you listen to one of the 911 calls where you can hear screams in the background, you hear nonstop screams for help until you hear gunshots. No random yelling, screaming, or cursing like Zimmerman said was also going on at the time; just cries for help. Once the gun is fired, there is pure silence until neighbors begin to trickle out and the police come.  

That’s only one of many, many fabrications that I pin-pointed and made note of. Watching these videos, simply put, pissed me off. They were filled with lie after contradiction after plain old fake story. It sounds like he mixed lies from his own thoughts, and possibly even those others suggested.