Penn State Agony Ends As Sandusky Found Guilty


Thankfully, the monster known as Jerry Sundusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, will be locked up for the rest of his life and will no longer be able to prey upon young boys.

Sandusky’s multi-year reign of terror on children has finally come to an end. Now, all the people who turned a blind eye towards this man’s egregious behavior can assess the cost of their silence and loyalty to Penn State. 

This episode is reminiscent of the Catholic Church scandal, where scores of priests abused young boys, were rehabilitated, and then reintroduced into service only to abuse more children. Just like the church hierarchy, Penn State officials tried to protect their beloved institution at the expense of scores of young boys.

As gross and disturbing as it may seem, the truth is that sexual abuse of children is as old as mankind. Families, churches, schools, and social organizations have covered up sexual abuse over generations. In many cases, someone of authority or trust was the criminal and was able to ensure the secrecy of his or her dirty deeds. Uncles, teachers, priests, doctors, and policemen used their positions to take advantage of innocent people. They committed a contemptible act and they deserve the most extreme retribution. The thought of abusers using God or their power to heal as a weapon turns my stomach.

But, what about those who covered up these acts against nature? Why don’t more of them face a judge and jury? In the case of Penn State, some of those who covered up the deeds of Sandusky have been exposed and have paid a price, including the former president of the university and the former, and late, football coach. But, often they are not held accountable. 

Many of the bishops, who knew of abusing priests, moved them from parish to parish where they destroyed more lives and families. Who is more guilty, the mentally ill abuser or the healthy facilitator? Honestly, I am not sure.