This Girl Had an Entirely Appropriate Reaction to Meeting Hillary Clinton

David Zalubowski/AP
David Zalubowski/AP

What happens when a 10-year-old girl, hoping for a glimpse of Hillary Clinton at a political rally in Denver, actually gets to meet the former secretary of state and possible future presidential candidate?


A quick breakdown of the four amazing faces pictured above:

1) Young Macy Friday, clearly having the best Tuesday ever, is our headliner. 

2) But you also have to appreciate Clinton's face — she knows from fanboys and girls — but she's clearly, well, taken aback by this one. Extra points for keeping a firm grip on that cup and cap. 

3) Sen. Mark Udall, the incumbent Democrat from Colorado Clinton was in town to boost, is at the top of the shot, a looping red arrow helpfully pointing out to his apparently happy but obviously jealous face to viewers.

4) And then there is the gentleman to Clinton's left, our right, presumably a security-type, who looks somewhat disturbingly ready to end this impromptu meet and greet.

Below: Udall now out of the way, the Friday family joins the party, with brother Finn, 12, handling selfie duties.

David Zalubowski/AP

And then, finally, Udall is back, and he's saying something like, "Yeah, I get that reaction all the time." And Clinton is trying to be polite, but really she's thinking about how she's going to be surrounded by guys like this when she's running Washington in two years.

David Zalubowski/AP

Just keep that little girl in mind, Madame Secretary. In eight years she'll be old enough to vote for Chelsea.