Why Does Justin Bieber Always Go Viral on YouTube?


The Canadian indie band Walk Off the Earth is an online sensation. With their video clips on YouTube and Facebook they conquered the hearts of music fans all over the world. With their ideological videos and covers of famous songs they made millions of people pay attention to their different way of performing.

Nowadays YouTube is an original platform for new artists. Uploading videos and recordings on the site gives you the ability to reach the general public. “Performing” on YouTube is a springboard to music companies and bigger performing stages. Walk Off The Earth took this opportunity and influenced everyone.

The Walk Off the Earth era started with their extraordinary video for Gotye song “Somebody That I Used to Know”. What makes this video so extraordinary? Maybe the fact that five people are playing one guitar. The clip got 50 million YouTube views in a month (it currently has 122 million) and earned the band a record deal with Columbia Records. Walk Off the Earth met such a victory after nearly six years together. Six years of effort and searching for their destiny. 

Every successful artist experiences difficulties before becoming respected; the main difference is that years ago artists didn’t have free access to the Internet. Now there is YouTube, Facebook, and even MySpace: all these sites provide easily accessible online platforms. These platforms give a voice to every talented girl or a boy who wants to reach a music company and become famous. These video sharing websites have created the opportunity to reach audiences in volumes, something that was never possible before the creation of Internet. The barriers in front of new artists have never been so easily surmountable.

For example, Justin Bieber who is now leading all teenage girls by their noses, was first just a normal boy singing in his living room. Thanks to YouTube Bieber was spotted by a talent scout who arranged for a meeting with Usher. Now he is making thousands of dollars per performance. 

After musician Cody Simpson was spotted on YouTube by a record producer he was signed to Atlantic Records and his first song featured Flo Rida.

YouTube took Karmin from just an ordinary band with extraordinary videos and vocals and made them music stars. Their cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” was one of the top ten most viewed videos of the entire 2011 year. The band eventually signed with Epic Records and their first original song was used in promos for the 2011 NBA Finals.

YouTube is a springboard to fame. Walk Off The Earth, Karmin, Justin Bieber and many more have taken advantage of it and succeeded. Nowadays if you want to become famous the only thing you need is a video camera, Internet connection, and a little bit of luck