Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Make LA Man Hit 77-Year-Old Woman With a Shovel


The bath salts epidemic, that has been ravaging recession-hit towns across the Eastern United States with its zombie-like synthetic drug abusers who terrorize neighborhoods with cannibalistic attacks, has reached the West Coast.

In what may be one of the first bath salt-related reported episodes on the West Coast, a 20-year-old Los Angeles, California, man allegedly high on bath salts, hit a 77-year-old woman on the head with a shovel, before locking himself in his apartment to avoid police.

According to, LA Times, Robert William White from Glendale, Calif., told the victim "I hate you and I want to kill you today," after the granny scolded him for swinging the shovel at some birds in the neighborhood. A witness and neighbor, identified as Ryan Cabrera, said he heard the screaming as well as breaking glass before the police arrived shooting White with a rubber bullet and strapping him to a wheel chair.

While the victim, whose name and identity were not released, was taken to the hospital in order to be treated for “non life-threatening injuries,” White was wheeled away from his appartment and into custody not without further stunning neighbors by screaming out loud “God loves all of you!”