10 Michael Jackson Impersonators Do Their Best to Mimic the King of Pop


For his eccentric style and legendary pop music status, Michael Jackson has been one of the most popular public figures to impersonate. 

He has spawned an entire of industry of Michael Jackson tribute artists, who have continued to honor him since his death. But which look-alikes are the all-time best? 

Here are my top 10 picks:

10) Tigerstyle. Reaching fame with Britain’s Got Talent, this South Asian dance group imitated Jackson’s moves to a mash-up of “Billie Jean,” Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby,” and an Indian pop song. Halfway through, a custodian interrupts onstage to deliver a surprise.

9) Eddie Murphy. A hilarious MJ impression by one of our best comedians, and he’s got a voice! Jackson fans, don’t get too mad if he sounds offensive, the two were great friends and even produced a semi-animated music video together. 

8) Michael Bublé. In a surprise move at a Philadelphia concert, Bublé bust out the Jackson-inspired moves. The Sinatra-esque crooner lacks the quick-fire feet of the King of Pop, but still dazzles in his way.

7) This sixth grader. In his self-proclaimed “first performance in front of a crowd,” this sixth grader killed it. He’s a little young for plastic surgery, but is spot-on with Jackson’s spirit. 


Here come the professional tribute artists.

6) Joby Rogers. This tribute artist has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone and on MTV and VH1. He continues to tour internationally today.

5) André Santisi. This German has been impersonating Jackson since 1996. His dancing feet are pretty killer. 

4) Kenny Wizz. Since he was a child in Los Angeles, Wizz loved R&B, soul, and pop music. He began imitating Jackson in his twenties and found his big break in Atlantic City. For 11 years, he was the official Michael Jackson impersonator at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Today, he lives in Las Vegas and continues his career as a look-alike.

3) Earnest Valentino. Born and raised in Florida, Valentino has been impersonating Jackson for 37 years. He gave a tribute performance in the king of pop’s presence in London in 2002, the milestone of his career.

2) E’Casanova. Not only does he dance like Jackson, but he sings, too. He’s a little pitchy, but closer to the real package.

1) Navi. This Brit is uncannily similar to Michael Jackson. For 24 years, Navi has reigned as the #1 MJ impersonator, having performed his songs in 150 concerts in 70 countries. He’s so good that he became a close friend of the late pop star, who invited him to his estate and hired him as a “decoy” to distract the paparazzi.