Marcel the Shell Returns With Allergies and Is the Most Adorable Thing Ever

Our favorite grape-sized friend is back, and he's talking some smack about shrimp. Marcel the Shell returns in his new video, just as tiny and anxious as ever. Someone grab Marcel some Benadryl and deodorant, because other than his allergies acting up and his hot zones getting ripe, his sneezes are blowing us away with his cuteness. He just stinks of adorable. 

After being off the grid for almost three years, this is the third episode of Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. The one-eyed mollusk is the creative product of Dean Fleischer-Camp and comedian Jenny Slate, who was most recently in the indie hit Obvious Child — he does the directing and editing, while she voices the sassy shell.

Marcel's comeback has arrived just in time for his new book, Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been. The charming children's read comes out Oct. 21.

h/t Mashable