This New App Is Every Diehard 'Simpsons' Fan's Dream Come True

The news: FOX launched Tuesday the "Simpsons World" app and website, a gigantic online databse containing every single episode of The Simpsons ever made. 

FOX revealed their plans for Simpsons-only streaming app akin to Netflix back in July, but it took until today to finally get the app off the ground. 

The details: Through or FX's FXNOW app (which is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android, Xbox and Apple TV), users can access all 552 Simpsons episodes, as well as the new ones that air on FOX a day after their broadcast. 

Simpsons World is more than just a depository of episodes — it's packed with useful features. The app starts off several playlists so users can watch episodes containing their favorite characters. Users can make their own custom playlists as well. 

Another feature that didn't make the launch version of the app but will be ready in January 2015 is the ability to search for an episode containing a specific quote or joke, which is especially useful when your mind is filled with jokes spanning 26 seasons.

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