Fox News Host Thinks Women Are Too Busy With Boys to 'Get' Voting


The "War on Women" is just a sexist charade perpetrated by the liberal media. Now, "go back on Tinder or," ladies!

Apparently, Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle thinks the majority of young women don't deserve the right to vote because they just "don't get it." You might think this is just another Fox News blunder to be parodied next Saturday by SNL. Yet Guilfoyle's sentiments about young female voters are disappointing in their unabashéd sexist tenor — coming from a woman, nonetheless — not to mention their not too subtle intention to discourage such an influential demographic from voting. Unfortunately for Fox News, this thinly-veiled ploy to discourage young women from "rocking the vote" by painting them as unintelligent citizens is unlikely to fool anyone.

In a segment on The Five dedicated to unpacking the liberal conspiracy of the War on Women, Guilfoyle, asserted that young women don't actually care about health care or crime or education or earning a living because they are "healthy and hot and running around without a care in the world." It's the same reason, she contends, "why young women on juries are not a good idea."

Since they're so incapable of complex thought, young women, Guilfoyle believes, should just be excused from all civic duties so that they can "go back on Tinder or" You know, to do what they should be doing: finding a man!

Tina Fey Eyeroll, please.


There's something else going on here, however. Why would Guilfoyle not want women to vote? Why would she cast voting as a burden, a distraction, and a superfluous task for unqualified young women?

So that young women don't vote.

Why? Because women, and especially young women, vote for Democrats in droves. As ThinkProgress reported, "In 2012, 61 percent of unmarried women supported Obama, while 51 percent of married women voted for Romney. A report from two major Republican groups found that women consider the party to be 'intolerant.'" 

Guilfoyle's suggestion that young women prioritize getting drunk, having sex and finding a husband over anything else reflects the general attitude conservatives have about women, as if the recent GOP ads about Obama being a bad boyfriend or comparing voting with selecting the right wedding dress weren't evidence enough.

That Guilfoyle is a woman makes these statements even more maddening to hear. Why do some women think they earn "man cred" by putting down other women? Why do older women take great satisfaction at patronizing women of a younger generation?

Thankfully, many women saw though Guilfoyle's motives. Guess women do understand things, eh?

As midterm elections approach, it's possible that desperate conservatives have given up on courting the female vote and are now hoping women just stay home altogether. Unmarried women are the "single most important demographic this year," according to NPR. But though they can swing an election, they aren't reliable voters and don't always turn out for the smaller elections. It's vital that women, no matter their political leaning, correct this trend. Don't prove Guilfoyle right.