KFC's Most Epic Sandwich Is Getting a Ridiculous Upgrade in Korea


The news: The Double Down, KFC's Frankenstein-esque creation that slapped bacon and cheese between two fried chicken fillets and called it a sandwich, is getting a very special addition: a beef patty. 

Feel that? That's the sound of your arteries waking up in a Colonel Sanders-inspired cold sweat.

The new abomination is called the "Zinger Double Down King," and it features an extra dose of special sauce in addition to the beef patty. Unfortunately for America's Double Down aficionados, the sandwich is only available in Korea. (The country is also responsible for the Double Down Maxx, which consisted of a cheesy hash brown trapped between fried-chicken buns.)

Reactions were mixed. Some were predictable: 

While others were more enthusiastic:

Others were all but a sermon spoken at the altar of the Kentucky Fried Chicken gods:

KFC bragged about the "ancestral burger," the Double Down, by claiming that "bread is dead." After ingesting the Zinger, it might be us, not our carbohydrates, who perish. 

Then again, at least it's not this thing.

h/t the Independent