The Year’s Most Tasteless Halloween Costume Just Got Even More Offensive


The news: It doesn't seem possible to make the Ray Rice Halloween costume even more offensive, but somehow America's most classless citizens found a way to do it.

Now, in addition to making light of domestic abuse, a new slew of Ray Rice costumes add the inherent racism of blackface to the mix.


No, the "It's Halloween, it's all in jest" defense doesn't hold up here. Domestic abuse is a serious issue, not a platform for you to "win" your office's costume party. Just look at what Janay Rice, Ray Rice's wife, said about the costumes: 

And as Mic's Derrick Clifton noted, "toxic masculinity and deeply ingrained misogyny leads people to routinely devalue women in nearly all facets of society." This is clearly manifesting itself with these Halloween costumes.

Then, of course, there's the unforgivable, racist sin of wearing blackface — a trend that's somehow increasing in the United States. Blackface parties are a hit on college campuses. It's a serious problem in Hollywood (still) and it's also starting to pervade YouTube.

It seems that each year, Americans are in a distasteful arms race to see who can have the most offensive costume. Here's a tip though: If your costume makes the "sexy Ebola containment suit " costume look sane, don't wear it.

h/t Gawker