Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna: Live From Las Vegas


As it turns out, celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman and billionaire bottling heir Alki David are offering Drake and Chris Brown $1 million each to bring their ongoing fight over Rihanna to the actual boxing ring. As a bonus, David is also said to have offer an additional million to charity if the young and bellicose performers agree to literally take it outside. 

To the delight of fans and non-fans alike, Feldman went on to describe the hypothetical match up as a “three 1-minute rounds” event where “no one would get seriously hurt.” The promoter said he understood Brown and Drake’s animosity towards each other runs high, prompting him to avoid a more extended and potentially bloodier encounter (boooh!).

The fight, a per-pay-view event with a tentative date of August 25, would be in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Los Angeles, California.  However, a Brown representative told the NY Daily News, they’ve never heard of the offer. Nonetheless, Feldman said he’d like Rihanna to participate in the match though it was unclear which role she would play. The suggestion may not be a good idea, though, given the fact that both Brown and Drake are facing an ongoing investigation for the New York City night club incident in which patrons like San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker were injured with potentially serious consequences.

It also comes across as a distasteful joke since Brown beat then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.