Hillary Clinton Goes Viral, Again: Mardi Gras Sunglasses Show Why She is So Popular


So far, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been immortalized as a beer-drinking party lady in Cartagena, Colombia, and also as a sunglasses-clad and savvy globetrotter by the famous tumlbr ‘Texts from Hillary.’

And now that its creators decided to shut it down, will someone else come up with a new Hillary Clinton-inspired meme after madam secretary’s latest stunt? (wearing Mardi Grass sunglasses and beads during the swearing in ceremony of Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Michael Hammer). 

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The increasingly hip politician made a potentially boring ceremony into a fun one when – in a room full of family, friends and colleagues – Hillary started her remarks by saying that the day was about Hammer but also about the color purple (reportedly Clinton’s favorite color). 

“Mike, I was in a real dilemma,” said Clinton jokingly before adding to a cheering and laughing audience “I have pantsuits in nearly every color – except purple.” Secretary Clinton then noted that, since Hammer’s wife and daughters were all wearing purple garments, it was time for her be “property attired as well” before putting on the purple Mardi Gras accessories and leading Hammer’s swearing in. 

The episode is a reminder of Hillary Clinton's sustainable high popularity as President Obama's secretary of state, even when back during the 2007-2008 Democratic presidential primary she was often portrayed as bitter and even vindictive in her run against young, goodlooking and charismatic Obama. 

But, what a difference an almost full presidential term makes. Is Hillary hinting anything with the casual mention of her emblematic pantsuits during the 2008 presidential race? Or is she just enjoying what could be her last days working in government? Only time will tell, in the meantime we'll hope someone comes up with another Hillary-inspired fun meme.