Daniel Radcliffe Steals Our Hearts Again — This Time Through Rap

Daniel Radcliffe is on a roll. The movie star accepted Jimmy Fallon's challenge Tuesday night to rap the incredibly intricate "Alphabet Aerobics" by Blackalicious.

Radcliffe must have been working out his rapping muscles, because his rendition of the hip-hop classic is magical.

From A to Z, Radcliffe hardly looks fazed. He flawlessly enunciates every word in the rap and brings a charming energy to the Tonight Show performance. Meanwhile, Fallon stands in the back, bobbing along and pulling cue cards. And at the end, his face totally reads "nailed it."

The whole thing is pretty darn ...

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

The 25-year-old has gotten a bit of attention in recent weeks. He just did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit the other day and called out how the world sexualizes young women in a recent interview. It wasn't the first time Radcliffe has proven himself to be outspoken and intelligent while talking to journalists.

OK Radcliffe, we already let you in our childhood hearts as Harry Potter. But all this other stuff you're up to? You're just making us love you even more.

Check out Radcliffe's Horns in theaters Friday.