Chicago Murder Rate Soars as Obama Stays Silent


President Barack Obama was recently booed by a Boston crowd. Clearly proud of his hometown, Obama just joked around; but, some Bostonians might have regarded him as a braggadocio as he mentioned the touchy subject of Kevin Youkilis’ trade from the Boston Red Sox to the Chicago White Sox. This is just a funny news story, but it has an unsuspecting connection to a greater non-laughing matter.

Chicago is a great city, but developing news on its increased homicide rate speaks to a problem that has not gotten any public attention from our president. “While 144 Americans have died in Afghanistan in 2012, 228 Chicago residents have been killed. The murder rate is up 35 percent from last year,” according to CBS News. And this type of homicide, which has caused the city to call in outside help, possibly poses the most dangerous threat to black Americans, black-on-black crime. 

“It’s Prison or a Casket” Because Times are Tough


The Big Question: Is Obama going to be a part of the solution?

President Obama, with his history in the “Windy City,” has yet to announce any support for the fight against black-on-black crime occurring in Chicago (or anywhere else for that matter). Alongside news of the violence on The Chicago Tribune’s breaking news there was buzz going on about First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to Chicago. From looking at her agenda concerning fundraising, her visit has nothing to do with addressing the city’s growing problem.

Unfortunately, the city’s cry for “dramatic change” and authoritative help does not appear it will be a reality very soon. Chicago paints one of the grimmest pictures of American suffering under such unfavorable economic circumstances. Like other American citizen, Chicagoans are looking for the government to improve the job’s market and maintain their well-being.

Obama said he would have had the solution underway if the GOP-controlled House of Representatives would have budged on his job’s bill. However, Chicagoans, though looking for a grand plan, mostly desire Obama’s help in calling out the murderers who are running the streets. Blacks in Chicago do not want the first black president to return – they want Barack Obama, the community organizer to make a comeback. Roland Martin also announced the same, but for the sake of all Americans: “I believe the president should return to his roots as a community organizer.” In the video below, Martin goes on to say Obama has the “moral authority,” to stop the violence in Chicago.

Though Martin does not completely say Obama has gotten too “political,”some other Americans might say otherwise. Obama has listed accomplishments for the black community which contain two pertinent categories. After reading, curious Americans might question whether or not Obama has truly become just another politician. Under “Justice and Crime Prevention,” the site adds, “From his days as a community organizer to his time as a civil rights lawyer, President Obama has a consistent record of fighting for fairness for all Americans. That commitment continues in his actions as President.” Below “Urban Policies,” readers get the sense that Obama has never wavered: “From day one, President Obama has shown his commitment to revitalizing urban communities around the country.” Still, Obama’s page of highlights has skipped over any references to mitigating black-on-black crime.

While Obama has proposed ways to improve the condition of black people in America, it has been difficult to see his efforts, especially in his own birthplace. Obama has yet to be a part of the solution to lower the number of homicides and black-on-black crimes in Chicago. With or without Obama, the city will continue to suffer, but as Obama promised America in 2008, there needs to be hope. The local forces have accomplished very little with reduced confidence in “hope” since Obama has been silent. Taking over 5,000 guns off the street did not stand a chance at the overwhelming gang violence taking over Chicago’s streets. Now, the city has called on outside help from a group called CeaseFire. 

Like Obama said to the Boston Red Sox fans, “You gotta know your crowd” – Chicagoans are watching. At this very moment, Chicagoans and all Americans need their president to speak out on the violence.