12 Tumblrs That Put a Hilarious Pop Culture Spin on History


To some people, history is a hoot in itself. For others, it's the stuff of crusty textbooks, magazine archives and dinners with grandparents. 

Luckily, if history never excited you before, the Internet is here to help. Technology is changing the way we think — and for the better. While online courses might be the most obvious way the Internet is transforming learning, it also offers some much-needed comic relief. 

As ridiculous as the Web can be, it also contains some educational gems. Whether you're a history buff or a hater, herein lies proof that some people on the Internet get history, and they get how to make it enjoyable:

Fly Art

Fly Art/Tumblr
Fly Art/Tumblr

The history: iconic pieces of art

The pop culture: hip-hop and rap lyrics

As if the canvases that line museum walls weren't damn cool enough, Fly Art has made the modern music-lover completely fall for all kinds of artwork. Kayne West may be a piece of work, but his lyrics transposed onto famous pieces is art.

Older Black People Who Look Younger Than Lorde

Older Black People who Look Younger Than Lorde/Tumblr
Older Black People who Look Younger Than Lorde/Tumblr

The history: ancient black people from history

The pop culture: Lorde of "Royals" fame

This Tumblr might be comparing Lorde to more black celebrities than black people in ancient history, but putting her alongside Ancient Egypt's Queen Nefertiti is slayage. While the general motive of the blog could be seen as mean-spirited, the ridiculousness of this specific side-by-side is priceless.

Britney Inventions

Britney Inventions/Tumblr
Britney Inventions/Tumblr

The history: all of it

The pop culture: the princess of pop herself, Britney Spears

There's no better written fiction than the likes of "On Feb. 19, 2006, Britney Spears met Steve Jobs on MySpace and befriended him based on a shared love for science fiction." Britney Inventions lives and breathes this ludicrous idea that Spears is responsible for key creations in history, such as Apple computers and kung fu. 

Boys Clubs

Boys Club/Tumblr
Boys Club/Tumblr

The history: places with incomplete representation of genders

The pop culture: institutions that love to post rosters of their non-diverse members

Ugh, men suck. This Tumblr will remind you of that.

Texts From Hillary Clinton 

Texts from Hillary/Tumblr
Texts from Hillary/Tumblr

The history: Hillary Clinton being in the spotlight for politics

The pop culture: Clinton being a badass and SMS

In recent years, Clinton has become a media goldmine. There's major speculation as to whether or not she's going to run for president in the next election or what exactly her political game plan is. But one thing is for certain: This Tumblr hit comedy gold with the former secretary of state. 

Celebs That Copy Brandy

Celebs That Copy Brandy/Tumblr
Celebs That Copy Brandy/Tumblr

The history: the Queen of England and the pope

The pop culture: Brandy, of Moesha fame

Similar to the Lorde Tumblr, this project showcases a surprisingly hefty number of comparisons between Brandy and other celebrities. But also common are outfit-stealers Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Francis, whose repeated transgressions against the celeb must be recorded. 

Hotties From History

Hotties from History/Tumblr
Hotties from History/Tumblr

The history: famous figures who got shit done

The pop culture: our thirst for hot people

One of the best ways to make studying and learning easier is adding in attractive people. Think someone is hot? You probably know as much about them as possible, because the thirst is for more than just their good looks. Same goes for this Tumblr.

LOL My Thesis

lol my thesis/Tumblr
lol my thesis/Tumblr

The history: well-researched theses 

The pop culture: put into Twitter-esque blurbs

LOL My Thesis takes more than just history submissions, but the ones in this specific realm of academia are particularly killer, as time-consuming scholarship becomes a tweetable fact about the world.

King Jong Il Dropping the Bass

kim jong-il dropping the bass /Tumblr
kim jong-il dropping the bass /Tumblr

The history: Kim Jong Il, late controller of North Korea

The pop culture: Skrillex, Daft Punk and the whole DJ scene

The history aspect of this Tumblr isn't too informative, but hey, Kim Jong Il was a dictator everyone should know about. What better way to familiarize yourself with him than through his remixes?

Emojinal Art Gallery

Emojinal Art Gallery/Tumblr

The history: memorable paintings 

The pop culture: the ever-so-useful emoji

There's the age-old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." At the same time, an emoji is probably worth a thousand words too, which about doubles the value of these hilarious remixes of art masterpieces. 

Beyoncé Art History

Beyonce Art History/Tumblr
Beyonce Art History/Tumblr

The history: masterpieces of art

The pop culture: Queen Bey's lyrics

If the sheer brilliance of Beyoncé was not enough, here her lyrics harmonize with the stuff of art history textbooks. If only she could also offer tutoring sessions on Impressionism.

Perez Hamilton


The history: Founding Fathers of the United States

The pop culture: gossip blog PerezHilton.com

OMG can u believe that George Washington was wearing a wig to that party?! Although the best gossip is probably stuff you haven't heard yet, these factual rumors from history will surely pique your interest.

The best part about most of these Tumblrs is that the history is real. The creative corners of the Internet are helping teach history — let's embrace it (and reblog it).