These Are the Most Terrifying Jack O'Lanterns You'll See All Season


The news: There are two things that scare college students more than term papers, and both of them found their way onto a pair of Jack O'Lanterns found on a Tumblr named "just a dream away" — and they'll make you scream louder than when you're startled at a haunted house.


Scary, right?

The most terrifying part is these pumpkins are right:  As Mic previously reported, Internet speeds in the United States are on the decline compared to the rest of the world. For example, people in New York pay over 6 times as much for their Internet than people in Seoul for speeds that are only half as fast. This ultimately puts the United States at a competitive disadvantage since other countries can work faster, not to mention it turns leisure time into frustration time as constant buffering ruins many a Netflix marathon.

And the student loan crisis is even more pressing. College tuition has increased by an incomprehensible 1,225% since 1978. Because of the constant increase in tuition cost, students are always taking on more debt. The class of 2014 is now the most indebted class of graduates in history, owing an average of $33,000. Despite a robust job market, graduates are still having trouble finding work. As a result, more than half of student loans are either in deferral or are delinquent.

Shrieking yet? You should be, because neither of these problems show signs of abating any time soon.