Watch Prince's Historic and Amazing 8-Minute 'SNL' Jam

The news: Prince performed on last night's SNL, and you absolutely need to watch it.

SNL gave Prince eight minutes of airtime, an unprecedented act for a show which usually runs only two separate performances of four minutes. But the decision ultimately paid off, with Rolling Stone claiming it was "the most explosive and most polished SNL musical spots anyone has witnessed."

Prince skipped his more well-known songs in favor of tracks from his newest album Art Official Age, like "Clouds," "Marz" and more.

To end the performance, Prince showed off his guitar skills with the song "Anotherlove," a guitar-heavy track that reminded everyone why Prince is on Rolling Stone's list of 100 greatest guitarists.

Prior to last night, Prince hadn't been on national television since he was part of the Super Bowl halftime show seven years ago, when he pumped out hits like "1999," "Purple Rain" and "Let's Go Crazy." But after Saturday night's SNL, it's clear he needs to be on TV more often because the musical genius is a treat to watch live.

h/t Rolling Stone