100 'Confidential' Postcards from Hillary Clinton


On Thursday, Latvia will officially become the 100th country that Hillary Clinton has visited as Secretary of State. Earlier this month, Clinton beat Madeleine Albright’s record of 96 countries, because as she says, “nothing substitutes for showing up."

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1) Denmark


"Ok, we'll give you Joe Biden in exchange for some waffles."

"Nice try, Angela, but your hairstyle is so pre-financial crisis."


"I hate meeting with debt collectors."


14) Switzerland


"Nice pad. I see austerity hasn't hit Downing Street yet."

"Do you know my boss?"

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19) South Africa

"No, I won't email you my bank account number."

"I hope this means the same thing here as it does in America."

 "If I don't eat these, my husband will. Trust me."


28) Iraq

"Is that guy about to chuck a shoe?"

"Those brownies were awesome, but for some reason I'm still hungry." 

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34) Dominican Republic

"Just take the photo already."

"I thought they wear red in the North?" 


"So, you lost to a Socialist. Join the club."

"A woman who rocks a hat like that deserves some R-E-S-P-E-C-T."

"And it was only three inches long?!"



"So how long have you guys been together?"

59) Malaysia


60) Papua New Guinea

61) New Zealand

62) Australia

63) Azerbaijan

"You ever just need a hug sometimes?"

65) Georgia


66) Colombia


"#YOLO! You girls should meet some of my Secret Service buddies!" 

68) Estonia

69) Uruguay

70) Chile

71) Brazil

72) Costa Rica 

73) Guatemala

"Peace out, bitches."

75) Qatar

76) Jordan

"And then I said, 'Bill, what about my needs?"

78) Burma


"Suu Kyi, you should really get out more."

80) Oman


81) Tajikistan

82) Greece


83) Hungary


84) Spain


85) Jamaica


86) Zambia


87) Tanzania


88) Ethiopia

"And then she realized ... the call was coming from inside the house!"

89) Italy

90) Tunisia

"What? No jasmine?"

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91) Yemen


92) Norway


93) Sweden

94) Bangladesh


95) Algeria

"Are those guns or are you guys happy to see me?"

96) Bulgaria

"This is the most iconic image to come out of Bulgaria since ever."

97) Ivory Coast

98) Togo

See you there, Hillary:

99) Finland

100) Latvia