Which State Wears the Highest Heels? Check This Map


When it comes to stylish dressing in America, it's hard for most states and cities to compete with the reputations of glamorous, star-studded Hollywood or the slick, ultra-serious fashion capital of New York City.

But an infographic from the shopping site Gilt has good news for the rest of Americans, particularly those in the great state of Florida: Floridians officially own the honor of highest heels.

Gilt data scientist Igor Elbert and data analyst Debbie Chung examined average heel heights of shoes purchased on Gilt from January 2013 to January 2014. Their findings? When averaged, the highest heels weren't purchased in New York City or Los Angeles. Out of the 50 states, Florida took the cake, with an average height of 2.46 inches.

In general, judging by all the red on the map (Louboutin red, perhaps?), the South showed up strongest overall; Texas boasted a notable 2.35-inch average, while the folks in Arkansas seemed to love them a teetering stiletto. 

But then, Puerto Rico had all U.S. states beat with an average heel height of 2.87 inches. 

So what does that say about the sensible, flat-wearing Northeast and Northwest? It could be that because of bad weather, Northerners are more likely to find themselves in boots, or that those in dense urban areas like New York and Chicago require flatter shoes for more walking.

"Given that Gilt's researchers averaged heel heights, rather than taking a more telling median, we may not be seeing the clearest snapshot of what women around the U.S. are actually putting on their feet," Fast Company keenly noted.

True. But it should not surprise any Floridians that they've got the other 49 states beat when it comes to bold, unabashed fashion. Miami, you should be quite proud of yourselves.

h/t Racked