The Biggest Comics Event of the Year Is Not a Marvel Movie

Just in time for snowman season! Fans of Bill Watterson, the creator of beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, thought he had abandoned them forever when his 3,150th strip was published Dec. 31, 1995.

Two decades later, however, Watterson returns for the second time since June and shows us that his sardonic sense of humor is as playful and heartwarming as ever.

Watterson simultaneously exasperated and inspired fans with his decision to discontinue his signature series in 1995. As he told the Wall Street Journal in 2010, "I think some of the reason Calvin and Hobbes still finds an audience today is because I chose not to run the wheels off it. I've never regretted stopping when I did." 

Fortunately for Watterson’s fandom, organizers of the Angoulême International Comics Festival, the second-largest comics festival in Europe, were able to persuade the creator of the unforgettable comic series about an exuberant boy and his sardonic tiger to make one more strip.

The result? Without a single word, Watterson still has us cracking up.