Jon Stewart Asks Republicans: "Who the F**k Are You People?"


A little more than a day after the final votes were cast, the midterm elections are officially over — Jon Stewart has spoken.

The Daily Show host was feeling especially punchy Wednesday night, describing the Republican romp as less a "wave" than — Stewart's words — a "tectonic skullf**king." 

The Daily Show

After a quick recap of Fox News' on-air party, he turned to a mash-up of Republican leaders making nice, talking about all the bipartisan work they plan to do now that they've wrested control of Congress from Democrats, as if the past six years never happened. "Who the f**k are you people?" he asks incredulously.

Watch the full clip — including Stewart's priceless response — right here:

Source: Comedy Central

This is the Daily Show at its very best, even if Republicans gave them a lot to work with Tuesday night. 

Hearing Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) assure Americans that our politics don't have to be in a state of "perpetual conflict," like he hasn't spent the last four decades in Washington making sure they do, is cynical well beyond what we've come to expect from elected officials.

Republican tactics over the next two years, as they try to destroy the Democratic brand before the 2016 presidential election, will only bring Stewart's question into starker relief. So, really — who the f**k are these people?