Watch an Aerobic Dance Video From 1989 Flawlessly "Shake It Off" to Taylor Swift

Are you ready to "Shake It Off" with Taylor Swift like it's the 1980s?

Godsend and YouTube user Thomas Jung mashed up the pop hit with one of those 1989 dance aerobics videos you'd find your mom working out to after school. The result is absolutely shake-worthy amazing. 

The only thing missing from the video? Miss Swift herself. 

And while we might not be able to listen to Taylor on Spotify anymore, 2014 continues to be the year of the T. Taylor Swift, award-winning music star, feminist and now dance aerobics video muse: This lady can do no wrong.

Updated Nov. 10, 12:00 p.m. The original video from Thomas Jung was removed from YouTube, but the story is now updated with a working video.

h/t The Huffington Post