Watch the New Trailer for 'Girls' Season 4

"I just don't understand why nobody tells you how bad it's going to be in the real world."

That's Shoshanna dropping truth bombs in the trailer for the fourth season of Girls. Looks like Hannah has headed to Iowa to perfect her craft, Marnie is still working on her singing career and Adam is lacking facial hair. Check the trailer below:

Obviously some time has passed, because everyone's hair is a little different. The end of season three left fans with a lot of uncertainty: what will happen to Hannah and Adam's relationship, whether or not Marnie will fully wreck a couple, how Shosh will graduate after flunking a class, and if Jessa will face the consequences in assisting a suicide gone wrong.

While the trailer gives some clues as to what has happened to our band of characters, it also creates some new, intriguing questions. Mainly, why is Elijah in Iowa, too? At least it seems that they're partying it up like during their undergrad days.

The new season of girls premieres Sunday, January 11.