Bruno Mars' New Song Is an Amazing Tribute to Michael Jackson

Critics have been drawing comparisons between Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson for some time now. Of course, no one will ever unseat the King of Pop. But in his latest song with Mark Ronson, Mars comes closer to channeling the legend than ever before.

Mars doesn't have a Thriller or a Bad under his belt, but he can still approach the infectiousness of a Jackson beat. "Uptown Funk" swings with all the bright, uptempo funk that made Jackson's biggest hits such irresistible tracks. Ronson's mastery of the neo-soul sound — which helped break artists like Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Adele — provides the perfect soundscape for Mars to swagger and shine. 

This is yet another sign that soul is coming back in a big way, and Ronson and Mars are two of the most instrumental parts in that process. "Uptown Funk" is set to appear on Ronson's upcoming album, which currently does not yet have a title or release date. But with the singles starting to roll out, it's clear that the soul revolution won't be ending anytime soon.