Ron Paul Reaction to Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act


Though Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex) said the health care situation would become messier, if the law were repealed, the presidential candidate also reaffirmed his libertarian stance of a patient-centered system where patients can “dictate everything” – even opting out from the Affordable Care Act.    

And now that the Supreme Court has upheld the bill, including its mandate, Paul’s statement that “Obamacare’s insurance mandate, is more of the same misdiagnosis” is being upheld by his supporters who – given Paul’s experience as a physician – hold the congressman opinion in high regard; especially since in his trademark brand of painful honesty Paul has acknowledged that his own Republican party has failed to provide Americans with an alternative. Following his statement:

“The problem is acute and worsening. Obamacare’s third party insurance mandate is only the first step toward what the political left really wants: a single payer government health care system (…) meanwhile, conservatives seem resigned to a third party insurance system and therefore fail to present a viable alternative to the American people. They continue to speak in terms of saving the health care ‘system,’ when in fact what America needs is a rejection of all government systems in favor of free market mechanisms.”

And, while it remains to be seen which effect today’s Supreme Court ruling will have in the presidential race (as both the Romney and Obama campaigns will carefully tip toe around a contentious issue in a close election season), Ron Paul supporters have made up their minds about it as evidenced by the string of online comments that started pouring in as soon as the court’s decision was known.

Following some comments from

“Our dear leader, Obama, now has a key cost component of every business in this country under his fiat. Give him tribute, and dear leader might give you a waiver, so that you can remain competitive and survive. Deny him tribute, and he will withhold his waiver, make you noncompetitive and kill your business.”

“In other words, we no longer have a free market economy in any sense of the word. We have Fascism, where all privately-"owned" businesses either pay tribute to dear leader or become non-cost-competitive in the "marketplace."

“STOP paying taxes! It will no longer be "easier" to go along with the system than to fight it. Your only choice now is to drop out and fight it by not participating.”

“The establishment does NOT want a divided federal government in 2012. As a consequence of this ruling, you'll likely see fascist, big government Republicans sweep the US Senate and CONTROL both chambers of the US Congress. With a liberal warmonger like Romney as POTUS, we, the people, will see a fascist hell descend on our republic.”