Bryan Cranston Narrating 'You Have to F*cking Eat' Will F*cking Change Your Life

Breaking Bad might be over, but Bryan Cranston has given us another reason to love him. This time around, the actor is telling kids that they have to get their proper nutrition.

In a clip from Audible, Cranston narrates You Have to Fucking Eat, the follow-up to Adam Mansbach's Go the Fuck to Sleep. Giving orders to children has never been so enjoyable, now thanks to expletives. Check it out:

Cranston has long impressed audiences with his array of talents. From playing meth-chef Walter White to portraying Lyndon B. Johnson on Broadway and now this barrel of mature-language fun, it's quite obvious the man can do no wrong.

This isn't the first time Cranston has dabbled in issues concerning kids. During October, he had a couple of things to say about the moms trying to petition Breaking Bad action figures.

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