David Bowie's Latest Music Video Reminds Us His New Music Is Really Good

David Bowie still makes music unlike any we've heard before. His newest single "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)" is different from most of his other tracks. The track has a phenomenally weird sound — it's oddly danceable despite its 1920s noire-jazz vibe. "Sue" proves Bowie has still got a lot more innovating left to do before his career is through.

Bowie has always been known for his music videos, too. This one is a lot less colorful than the Bowie of lightning bolts and glitter. The scenes are black and white, obscured by shadows and smoke. It's atmospheric and intense, like we've come to expect from Bowie, but in a fresh and inspired way.

Old rock stars often get tired. Fifty years into their careers, many stop trying to keep up with new talent, fall back on their old hits and do some reunion tours to milk the last few drops of their relevance. Not Bowie. The man is half a century into a storied musical career and still reinventing his sound. Keep a look out for his career retrospective album,  Nothing Has Changed,  coming Tuesday where "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) and its B-side " 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore " will appear.