Why This Ron Paul Supporter Changed Her Mind after the Supreme Court Decision on Health Care


When Obama announced “this is a victory for the people” at the news of the Obamacare ruling, it was surely a moment of solace for many people. There were thousands Tweets and countless Facebook “likes” in support; however, there were negative updates just as passionately composed. I partook in spreading bad news about others' “good news.”

As I read multiple articles about the ruling on Obamacare, I felt like saying, “America is so stupid, now Obama’s definitely going to win.” I immediately searched for Mitt Romney's response and of course, I found what I was looking for — a brutal rebuke of Obamacare. I then searched for a response from Ron Paul and he basically fired with the same “age-old” weapons that Americans’ liberties are at stake. Both candidates’ positions were very appealing to me; I have always despised big government as an adorer of our Constitution, which stands for liberties like no other in the world. With all of these thoughts in mind – thoughts that were not necessarily my own – I wanted to throw up at the sight of the internet jubilation over Obamacare. 

Then, of course, as a defensive measure, I started researching, which turned out be a dangerous thing since I was already very close-minded. I came across old speeches from Ronald Reagan about the extreme leftism. I even wound up watching YouTube videos about Obama’s socialist conspiracy, his supposedly questionable citizenship and finally, his secret Muslim beliefs and how he has purposed his efforts to destroy America. Honestly, after reading and watching all of that extreme propaganda, I felt scared. And, then I thought to myself, I would be on a way to self-destruction if I let others’ opinions sway me; I would be just like those Obama supporters I do not understand.

Until the afternoon rolled around, I was totally persuaded. Many GOP supporters say that Obamacare needs to be repealed, yet there is little discussion on what it is going to be replaced with. At that time, I tried going on a mental quest to arrive at my own conclusion. At first, I thought in the context of the groups in which I identify: GOP sympathizer, black person, admirer of Obama, and a young person. Still, things got foggier in my brain. Then, I began to think of who I am; I could not help but to recall one of the most important identities I proudly proclaim. I am truly my mother’s daughter.

I remembered that when I first heard of the decision on Obamacare, I was in a parking lot. I was waiting for my mother to come out of one of her many doctors’ visits (I drive her to two different doctors at least twice a week). This particular one was for draining the excessive water out of her abdominal area which often makes her look a few months pregnant. Unfortunately, this is just one of the many problems that come with her cancer. She has been battling stage-four, metastatic breast cancer, which has spread to her bones and liver, since 2004. She has no hair; she is often too sick to move or even eat. I have seen her scream in pain and even today, her cancer has caused her experience extreme skin irritation. Yet, my mother has stayed strong in her faith even when the doctors are giving her chemotherapy just to keep her alive, not to heal her.

I am writing a small facet of her reality not to get sympathy for her because my mother is already resilient and grateful for her life. My mission is to get sympathy for Obamacare.

It seems like it is difficult to be grateful in a situation like my mother’s, but let me explain. Over the years, we have seen her friends and coworkers pass from this ugly disease. But, ultimately, we have read and heard the stories of people just like my mother, but the difference is that some go without healthcare. To put it simply, they die because they cannot pay for every CT scan, chemotherapy visit, radiation treatment, and surgery. My mother’s healthcare costs have probably moved into the $300,000 range and counting. This is money that she would have had to pay on the spot; instead, she only pays a co-pay of $15 every time she checks-in. I do not care what the GOP says on this, but the hospital does not often provide chemotherapy; and certainly, not all Americans can afford thousands for it on the spot.

I came to my decision: I understand the GOP, but my heart tells me something else. From the looks of the GOP, the party is for lettting American people die. Thank you, President Barack Obama.